Internal Relations Officer

Required Certifications/ Obligations:

  • Stong College: Foundation Peer-leadership Training (FPLT) 
  • York Orientation Day
  • York Orientation Training (Date: TBD)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. The roles and responsibilities:Attendance at NSAY Board meetings with the Lead Cohort Representative and one other executive member of 2NA, or any 3 members of the executive team if the aforementioned are not available.
  2. Attendance of monthly Student Success Meetings with Stong College.
  3. Ensure good standing with YFS, SCLD, Stong college.
  4. Attendance at the bi-weekly 2NA Board meetings.
  5. Liaison with other clubs for purposes of collaboration, including but not limited to:Stong College Student Government (SCSG) Executive including but not limited to Commuter Representative.
  6. Establish liaison with NSAY-Nursing Student Tutoring and Mentorship Program (NSTAMP) if possible.
  7. Possess voting rights.