Required Certifications/ Obligations:

  • Stong College: Foundation Peer-leadership Training (FPLT)
  • York Orientation Training (Date: TBD)
  • York Orientation Day 

The roles and responsibilities:

  1. Provision of assistance and support to the President in organizing and planning the operations of 2NA.
  2. Complete tasks delegated by the President.
  3. In the event of the President’s absence or incapacitance, the Vice-President will oversee the fulfillment of the President’s responsibilities.
    1. Provision of support for the President, in their absence, will continue as long as the leave of absence is temporary or while a new president is being elected.
  4. Maintain signing authority in conjunction with the Lead Operations Officer (LOO).
  5. Maintain signing authority for Finance with BMO club account, in conjunction with the Lead Operations Officer (LOO).
  6. Jointly responsible for the collection and maintenance of the Student Center Office Application with the LOO. May assemble an Ad Hoc Committee to this end, and co-chair with the LOO.
  7. Room Booking Authority with York University Student Center (YUSC) in conjunction with the Lead Operations Officer (LOO).
  8. Support fellow Executives in club room reservation using YUSC and Temporary Use of University Space (TUUS)
  9. Ensure 2NA compliance with the York Federation of Students (YFS), Student Community & Leadership Development (SCLD), Stong College and any other neighbouring organizations.
  10. Ensure compliance with Stong College Affiliation policies, including, but not limited to, Stong contact list and FPLT training.
    1. In addition, the Vice-President will be the point of contact for all communication with Stong College and Stong College Student Council. Reserves the right to appoint a delegate.
  11. Onboard individuals for special projects, when necessary
    1. This task may be delegated, if necessary
  12. Attend yearly Clubs 101 meeting in collaboration with the Lead Operating Officer (LOO). Reserves the right to appoint a delegate.
  13. Collaborate with Lead Operating Officer (LOO) to ensure attendance at YFS Town Hall meetings.
  14. Approval of official emails in conjunction with the LOO.
  15. Attend bi-weekly 2NA Board meetings.
  16. Advocate for needs of the Second-entry cohort in conjunction with Cohort Representatives, escalating as appropriate with consultation with other Executives.
  17. Social Media Strategy; monitor social accounts and respond to messages (Facebook, Instagram). Collaborate with the Marketing Director, President, and Lead Operating Officer.
  18. Possess voting rights.


Middle of Winter Term of their First Year


The following Summer, Fall, and Winter term