Required Certifications/ Obligations:

  • Stong College: Foundation Peer-leadership Training (FPLT) 
  • York Orientation Day
  • York Orientation Training (Date: TBD)

Required Skills:

Strong leadership skills, Public Speaking skills, Vision, Follow-through, Professionalism, Time management, Flexible

The roles and responsibilities:

  1. Provision of leadership and support of other Executives and Co-opted Executives, assisting with their roles as necessary.
  2. Must endeavour to be available to attend board meetings in person or line throughout the year.
  3. Attendance of Stong Student Clubs Council*
  4. Shall contribute to the development and maintenance of a healthy team dynamic, including taking an active role in conflict management, when necessary.
  5. Shall contribute to the development and maintenance of positive community relationships with second-entry nursing students, other York University organizations and all York University students and faculty.
    1. Including but not limited to
      1. Stong College Student Government (SCSG)*
      2. Nursing Students Association of York (NSAY)*
      3. Student Success Council*

*Reserves the right to appoint a delegate

  1. Social Media Strategy; monitor social accounts and respond to messages (Facebook, Instagram). Collaborate with the Marketing Director, Vice President, and Lead Operating Officer.
  2. Possess voting rights.


Middle of Winter Term of their First Year


The following summer, fall, and winter terms