Cohort Representative

Associate Cohort Representative (2 Positions)


  • Two positions available

Required Certifications and Obligations:

  • Stong College: Foundation Peer-
  • Leadership Training (FPLT) (Winter 2018)
  • CCSC – Course Reps Program (Potential)
  • Safe Talk (3hr training)
  • Recommended: Assist Training

The roles and responsibilities:

  1. Establish liaison between the students and faculty, as well as NSAY/2NA/NSTAMP.
  2. Recognition of the needs of students and facilitate their advocacy.
  3. Attendance at NSAY board meetings.
  4. Attendance at bi-weekly 2NA board meetings.
  5. Representatives on the NSAY Executive board.
  6. Attend biweekly 2NA Board meetings.


The following summer, fall, and winter terms.