Lead Cohort Representative (LCR)

Required Certifications and Obligations:

  • Stong College: Foundation Peer-leadership Training (FPLT) 
  • York Orientation Day Training (TBD)
  • York Orientation Day (TBD)

Roles and responsibilities:

    1. Formation of an Ad Hoc Events committee, address any outstanding issues in collaboration with NSAY and SoN related to cohort.
    2. Provision of mentorship to Junior Academic Coordinator.
    3. Attendance at monthly 2NA Board meetings.
    4. Attendance at NSAY Board meetings and notify 2NA Board of meeting times
    5. Establishment of a liaison with UPD.
    6. Scheduling of, and attendance at, monthly meetings with UPD and Associate Cohort Representative.
    7. Provide assistance to the Student Outreach Director with social media strategy.
    8. Establish liaison with professors to discuss student concerns in collaboration with the Academic Director.
    9. Advocacy for cohort needs, escalating as appropriate in consultation with the executive 2NA board and Undergraduate Program Director & School of Nursing.


Middle of Winter Term of their First Year


From the following Summer, Fall, and Winter term.