Town Hall Meeting May 2nd

Town hall meeting May 2nd, 2018


Associate dean: Faculty of Health: Parissa Safai

Interim Director of the School of Nursing: Judith Anne MacDonnell

Associate Director, Undergraduate Education: Nancy Sangiuliano

Undergraduate Program Director (2nd Entry): Julie Nilsen-Berec

Clinical Resources Manager: Andrea Meghie

***Note that these are not official minutes


Question: Are we going to have summer term?

Answer: Parissa: We don’t have any official word. What we do know. May not be feasible for S2. (summer is usually SU, S1, S2) S2 is smallest term @ York. Therefore, S2 being the one that will drop. Highest levels know that nursing students must have summer. Dean’s office met with all health chairs and discuss these issues, asked for preparation scenario by end of week, that we can mobilize for. Will be asking for exemptions as needed.

We need to wait for higherups for what exemptions we need before we request them. Today might be a game changer, unit 2 may be ready to go to arbitration (profoundly impacted by the longer the strike is). Contract faculty at York work the most during the summer. Waiting for Friday, being in negotiation.

Some within union want to go back to work. S2 is out, S1 & SU is still protected.

Exemptions:  Faculty are figuring out what exemptions the students need so that they can request these specific exemptions. Nursing students to be excluded from general dealings.

Q: When’s the drop dead date for summer?

A: Parissa: don’t want to alarm but, what we do know is May 9th election process begins therefore there would be no movement until June 9th. Summer won’t be dropped but it might be pushed back. We’re planning for all scenarios.


If the hospital asks for orientation then go.

Please return your badges.


Q: Worst possible scenario: no summer (but we’re not there yet).
A: Once the school and faculty have a plan then we’ll know.


Town hall 3903

Unit 1 TA’s
Unti 2 Contract faculty – Has requested a special meeting, tonight (may 2nd) these are the (CCDs) & Sean Mandorin
Unit 3 Grads

May 22rd: The earliest that the summer term can start.  (not a drop dead date). As soon as we get the go “ahead” then we can jump right back in.

What can we ask for the union: conversations down the road, but delicate issue.

Financial reimbursement for lost clinical experience: Senate policy 008 says during strike you cannot expect business as usual.  You haven’t lost those clinical hours just yet, we’re going to try and provide those hours for you, we might talk about it in the fall.

Question: IP in the Fall: CPP must be restamped, will we get compensated?

Answer: “I’ll stamp them”, but you have to pay for the police check. (Registrar may be able to compensate)

Question: How many days notice when the strike ends, how soon do we have to be back?
Answer: Senate exec then has emergency meeting to have timeline. It happens quick, but it’s not going to be next day, probably half a week.

Question: Students who have left, vacation, what have you, what about them?
Answer: They will be accommodated.

Question: 70% assessed grade for all undergraduate courses.
Answer: We’ve talked about this… please contact the UPD.

Question: Can the IP start with the winter-term being uncompleted?
Answer: Undergrad students who are 4th year and accepted in YORK Grad masters student they don’t have to have their final grades in.
Other Answer: Issues center around how many clinical hours you’ve completed in winter semester.

Question: Why won’t York come back to the table
Answer: York’s made clear that the demands far exceeds what York can maintain. It’s beyond what York can do. “it takes two to tango” Union is using their own tactics. No one is winning right now.
Answer: gov has hired an expert in labour to create a report. (William Caplan)

Friday:   Government Report should be published (it could be public or not).

Today (May2nd): Town hall right now to see if there’s faculty movement

Friday is faculty submission of plans; and what the asked for exemptions may be.  Before they approach Unit 2.

Summer placements: They are sympathetic, but unwilling to figure it out until firmer dates are given. (UHN is holding before they take Nipissing instead until we tell them we can come back, but will move ahead with other placements)

The Placements wont be lost, then they might shuffle you around. There will always be a placement for you.








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