Incoming 2020-2021 executives

Congratulations to our new incoming executives! Thank you to everyone for applying. We know you will accomplish great things this upcoming year!

President: Paul Mai
Vice President: Eti Ayzenburg
Lead Operations Officer: Veronica Peterka
Academic Director: Michelle Check
Associate Academic Director: Philippa "Pippa" Dillon-Fordyce
Lead Cohort Representative: Alesia Rodeghiero
Associate Lead Cohort Representative: Wesley Sohn
Co-Director of Social: Vinijaa Suthaharan
Co-Director of Social: Michelle Yang 
Student Outreach Director: Nicole Fogel 
Marketing Director: Miryam Weinstein
Internal Relations Director: Melika Sedighi

Elections for Class of 2021!

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Lead Cohort Representative Candidates:

Vitalii Oulanov

I’m running for the position of Lead Cohort Representative. I promise to represent you all to the best of my ability and streamline our academic experience. Looking forward to working and getting to know everyone.

Alesia Rodeghiero

Hi everyone! For those of you I haven’t got to meet yet, my name’s Alesia and I’m running for Lead Cohort Representative of 2NA.

After spending this year on 2NA as Academic Coordinator, I’ve learned a lot about how the club works, what we do, and how we do it. The twists and turns of the first two semesters of nursing school have proven how essential strong leadership and student representation is, as well as good communication & relationships between the profs, us, and the CD. I want to help support our cohort moving forward into the new semester and provide the voice we need to continue to get the most out of our experience and degree in second entry! I’ve got several ~credentials~ in my back pocket: a year on 2NA, York’s Foundational and Advanced Peer Leadership training, a BSc in Biomedical Science from Guelph, training as a Student Peer Counsellor, several mental health trainings, & more! Other than studying my life away for school, I like collecting houseplants, using netflix to procrastinate, and taking accidental naps. If you have any questions for me about the role, myself, or about 2NA, I’m more than happy to help and please reach out! No matter what, PLEASE VOTE!!! You help to shape the voice of the cohort by voting. Thank you!

Faculty Nomination Form

Criteria: Demonstrated excellence in teaching. • Demonstrated ability to stimulate students to think creatively and critically. • Demonstrated caring for student learning and student well-being. • Demonstrated enthusiasm for teaching. • Demonstrated ability to foster the development of students as nursing professionals. • Demonstrated ability to motivate student to exceed their own expectations.
Someone who you feel has inspired you.

Incoming 2019-2020 Execs:

Congratulations to our new incoming execs! Thank you to everyone for applying. We know you will accomplish great things this upcoming year!

President: Claudia Guillen Dominguez
Vice president: Rachel Chen
Lead Operations Officer: Chelsea Martin
Student Outreach Director: Kristella Mae Cafa
Lead Cohort Representative: Rosemarie Gangadeen
Director of Social: Mursal Aziz and Hamdi Ali
Lead Public Relations Officer: Rose Si
Director of Academics: Clarissa Huismann
Internal Relations Director: Bryan Cordova-Izquierdo

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