Required Certifications/ Obligations:

  • Stong College: Foundation Peer-leadership Training (FPLT) (Summer 2018)
  • York Orientation Day (Sept 4th – 2018)
  • York Orientation Training (Date: TBD)
  • Safe Talk (3hr training)
  • Recommended: Assist Training

Required Skills:

Strong leadership skills, Public Speaking skills, Vision, Follow-through, Professionalism, Time management, Flexible

The roles and responsibilities:

        1. Provision of leadership and support of other Executives and Co-opted Executives, assisting with their roles as necessary.
        1. Must endeavour to be available to attend board meetings in person throughout the year.
        1. Attendance of Stong Student Clubs Council*
        1. Shall contribute to the development and maintenance of a healthy team dynamic, including taking an active role in conflict management, when necessary.
      1. Shall contribute to the development and maintenance of positive community relationships with second-entry nursing students, other York University organizations and all York University students and faculty.
        1. Including but not limited to
            1. Stong College Student Government (SCSG)*
            1. Nursing Students Association of York (NSAY)*
          1. Student Success Council*


Middle of Winter Term of their First Year


The following summer, fall, and winter terms