Cohort Representative

Cohort Representative (2 Positions)


  • Two positions available

Required Certifications and Obligations:

  • Stong College: Foundation Peer-
  • Leadership Training (FPLT) (Winter 2018)
  • CCSC – Course Reps Program (Potential)
  • Safe Talk (3hr training)
  • Recommended: Assist Training

The roles and responsibilities:

    1. Establish liaison between the students and faculty, as well as NSAY/2NA
    2. Recognition of the needs of students and facilitate their advocacy.
    3. Facilitation of check-in meetings with first year execs to see progression of each individual area.
    4. Attendance at NSAY board meetings.
    5. Attendance at bi-weekly 2NA board meetings.
    6. Representatives on the NSAY Executive board.
    7. Attend biweekly 2NA Board meetings.
      1. Each representative must attend one of every two 2NA meetings.


The following summer, fall, and winter terms.