Academic Director

Academic Director 

Required Certifications/ Obligations:

  • Stong College: Foundation Peer-leadership Training (FPLT)(Summer 2018)
  • York University Student Nurse Mentorship Training (YUSNMP-Training)(Summer 2018)
  • York Orientation Training (Date: TBD)
  • York Orientation Day (Sept 4th – 2018)
  • Safe Talk (3hr training)
  • Recommended: Assist Training

The roles and responsibilities:

    1. Formation of Ad Hoc Academic Committee as needed
    2. Advocacy for peers (academic concerns) in collaboration with cohort representatives concerning:
      1. Incongruence between course goals and syllabus
      2. Academic workload and deadlines.
      3. Appeal and reprisal support*
    3. Provision of mentorship and leadership leadership to Associate Academic Coordinator.
    4. Liaise with NSAY-YUSNMP, if possible and applicable
    5. Provision of academic-focused events, and skills as needed, for second year, 2nd-Entry nursing students
    6. Attendance at the bi-weekly 2NA Board meetings
    7. Provision of social media support for outreach director, including, but not limited to, Facebook and Instagram.

*YFS provides this education and support as required.


Middle of Winter Term of their First Year


Summer of their first year for a full year